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To know the heat resistance of color masterbatch

2018.01.02   15:59

    The full name of color masterbatch, is also called the kind of color, it is a new kind of special colorant for macromolecule material, which is also called pigment preparation. Color masterbatch is mainly used in the plastic industry. Color Masterbatch consists of three basic elements that pigments, dyes, carriers and additives, it is a kind of aggregate made from pigment of super constant, which is uniformly contained in resin, and can be called pigment concentrate, so its coloring power is higher than pigment itself. When processing, with a small number of color masterbatch and non-coloring resin mixing, you can get the coloring resin or products which can design the pigment concentration.

    The heat-resistant classification of special masterbatch is generally compatible with the plastic used in production, at normal temperature, it can be used safely. Only in the following conditions will cause varying degrees of color change: One is that the temperature is beyond the normal range, and the other is that the downtime is too long.

  the differences between granulation coloring and color masterbatch

    Compared with granulation coloring, color masterbatch has the following advantages.

    1. coloring and product processing completed at one time.

    2. make the production process of plastic products the most simplified.

    3. can save a great deal of electric energy.

    Will the masterbatch coloring products not fade? There is no absolute non-fading products, the products colored by masterbatch may still fade, just for different grades of products, the degree is different, some are obvious, others are difficult to detect.


                      By Robert

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