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The phosphorous titanium chemical industry discusses the green development plan.

2018.03.29   09:04

Countries are working on the field capacity replacement implementation opinions, to the industry average annual capacity in 2020 will reach 80%.On November 7 7201 China titanium (deyang) phosphorus chemical green development conference held in mianzhu city of sichuan province.Around the phosphorus chemical industry green development, transformation and upgrading, the expert took out a lot of project results.Including in the field of chemical fertilizers, to research and develop the ecological pesticide molecular design, the latest slow controlled release fertilizer synchronous nutrition fertilizer, ammonium polyphosphate is the key to efficient water soluble fertilizer raw materials, etc.Experts, starting from the demand to build new phosphorus industry chain, to promote the economic, environmental and social coordination and sustainable development.

Although some organophosphorus pesticide are disabled, containing organophosphorus pesticides still accounts for more than 70.3%.The Chinese academy of engineering, guizhou university vice-chancellor bao-an song that biological sources or natural things as ecological pesticide precursor structure, research and develop the ecological pesticide molecular design is one of the effective ways to implement pesticide reduction efficiency.Song academician group independent research and development new pesticide poisonous fluorine p 2016 officially registered, and become China's first with independent intellectual property rights to create new pesticide resistance to plant viruses.Virus disease immune prevention and control technology and create the rice, the rice to promote widespread application, make the pesticide consumption fell 30%, control effect reaches more than 80%, basically solved the southern black rice dwarf virus disease prevention and control of the technical problems.

Petrochemical sarft, deputy chief engineer yong-feng gao, countries are formulating production phosphate &compound fertilizer can exchange implementation opinions.Direction is 3.7 million tons of eliminate backward production capacity, to control the total capacity of up to 2020, 21 million tons, the industry average annual capacity up to 80%.Specific measures include: increasing utilization rate of low and medium grade phosphate rock, included in the grade of phosphate rock by 2% ~ 4%;Product structure adjustment, new types of fertilizer market share increased by 10%, fertilizer use efficiency increased by 3% ~ 5%;Basic fertilizer production is given priority to with resources origin, close to the market layout, special, special fertilizer field to encourage enterprises to carry out vertical and horizontal merger and reorganization, forming more large-scale, integrated, trans-regional, cross-industry enterprise groups.

Professor of south China agricultural university professor xiao-lin fan, synchronous nutrition fertilizer is materialized soil testing the latest slow controlled release fertilizer fertilizer theory.Sichuan university Wang Xinlong, said professor ammonium polyphosphate is the key to efficient water soluble fertilizer raw materials.Shanghai chemical fertilizers is deputy director of the institute ming-liang Chen thinks that the validity of the phosphorus can be up to 10 years, the utilization rate of the quarter, generally below 20%, mobility in the soil of small, do not recommend all phosphorus in the form of water soluble fertilizer fertilizer application, etc.

China academy of engineering professor of tsinghua university shan-ying hu enert ec and puts forward, 90% of China's phosphate rock production used in the production of phosphate fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer consumption first in the world, because real effective utilization is only 10% ~ 20% phosphate fertilizer, phosphorus resources protection is imminent.Sichuan university and professor, excess production capacity, product competitiveness is not strong, phosphorus potassium thorny problems such as shortage of resources and the safety of phosphogypsum hindered the healthy development of phosphate fertilizer industry, the low level of technical equipment and products of a single, small capacity, high energy consumption enterprises exit will be inevitable.

The conference by the China association for science and technology guidance to Chinese chemical society, deyang city of sichuan province association for science and technology, people's government hosted, from the national production, and the academic and industry groups of more than 200 professionals.

Deyang city at present has formed, including mining, phosphate processing of phosphate rock, a set of complete chemical industrial chain.Vice President and secretary-general of China chemical HuaHui points out, deyang city around titanium phosphorus chemical industry pillar industry, through with the mianzhu, shifang regions such as the chemical industry docking, produced more than ten projects.Chinese chemical society and deyang area cooperation is the long-term layout, accurate docking.


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