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Science and technology innovation- -- digital printing exhibition held in Shanghai

2018.05.21   09:58

To scientific and technological innovation, green development as the theme, by the China Dyestuff Industry Association, China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association, China Council for the promotion of international Trade, Shanghai Branch, hosted by Shanghai International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. "18th China International dyestuff industry and organic Pigments, textile chemicals exhibition" and " Shanghai International Digital Printing and printing and dyeing Automation technology exhibition "will be April 2018 11-13th unveiled at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall." Exhibition area of 40,000 square meters, the exhibition attracted more than 630 exhibitors from 17 countries and regions, exhibits cover all kinds of advanced environmental protection dyes, organic pigments, auxiliaries, intermediates, instrument environmental protection equipment, digital printing equipment, printing and dyeing automation technology and printing materials. 18 Education brand, Dye exhibition continues to lead the industry development

Downstream demand for good, pull dyes and textile chemicals demand

     Textile industry in the past several years after going to inventory, pulling the printing and dyeing industry warmer. 2017 1-November printing and dyeing printing and dyeing enterprises above the size of 49.14 billion meters, an increase of 5.63%, to achieve the main business income of 354.937 billion yuan, growth of 6.18%, achieve total profit of 18.644 billion yuan, an increase of 9.76%.

All the famous exhibitors, continue to lead the industry development   

International exhibitors include Huntsman, Kekai, Yorkshire, Ang Gao, MA, MA, Zhihua, Jia and, Wen, Busaite, Win, Rudolph, Da Jin, Asahi, Deta, Tian Xiang, etc., domestic exhibitors including us, leap soil, Jihua, Yabang, Lian Sheng, Chuan-Hua, Germany and the United States, gorgeous, open up, run Wo, Bo O, Tian Yuan, Connaught its, The United States, Jingjin, Hing Source, with large, will be the main push green, environmental protection and printing new products and technology; India Pavilion, South Korea Pavilion, Taiwan Province Pavilion, etc. also continue to increase the intensity of the exhibition, for the printing and dyeing industry development hand in hand. China International dyestuff industry and organic Pigments, textile chemicals exhibition will focus on scientific and technological innovation, green development, to help the industry sustainable development.

Digital printing exhibition focused on technology, fashion and green ternary    

With the gradual advancement of the transformation and upgrading of printing and dyeing industry, in the new economic normal, Internet +, intelligent manufacturing and other factors, the textile printing and dyeing industry automation, digitization, information technology has been popularized and applied, digital printing technology is increasingly satisfied with the color and function of the dual needs of the textile industry, a new bright spot and growth point, and to a certain extent to promote China's textile industry to innovative, eco-type and Low-carbon economic model transformation.  

The digital printing and printing and dyeing automation technology exhibition and the world's largest dyeing exhibition held at the same time, aimed at creating a one-stop textile printing and dyeing shop for the development of the industry to create a broader platform. EPSON, open source, Heimai, Long Sheng and other well-known digital printing enterprises, Huntsman, Yongguang, Hongsheng, Lanyu and other ink enterprises, Green Chapter, Grand, Xinda and other printing and dyeing automation enterprises will carry the latest products and technology, look green development, and build a textile printing and dyeing industry transformation platform for the Chinese textile industry "technology, fashion, green" New label.

Enrich the same period activities and insight into industry trends

   2018 is a Chinese dye for 100 years, the Chinese Dyestuff Industry Association will hold a grand celebration in the same period and hold the establishment ceremony of the Asian Dyeing Association, China Printing and dyeing industry associations, China Textile Industry Association, China Knitting Industry Association, China Dyeing Association Organic Pigment Special Committee, Auxiliary Committee, Color Masterbatch The various trade associations, such as the Special Committee, will hold a supporting forum; us, biography, German-American, Testex-Swiss textile accreditation will hold a number of technical exchanges, introduce advanced technology and ideas, for more professional visitors to provide excellent opportunities for exchanges and cooperation.

Dye Show Asia tour to build "go out" stage  

To speed up the transformation of China's dye industry and the implementation of the "Go out" development strategy, organizers will continue to build "China International Dye Exhibition Asia Tour" Exchange platform. The eighth session of "China International Dye Exhibition Asia Tour" will return to Vietnam, and held in Ho Chi Minh City in November 2018 21-24th. Dye for the Chinese enterprises to the world, a national brand, improve the level of after-sales service, to meet the needs of production, mutual benefit, cooperation and create a win-win condition.


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