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Waterborne polyurethane flooring technology boosts China's speed

2018.10.15   08:51

Recently, the Jinan Railway Bureau Qingdao repair warehouse has effectively solved the problems of poor anti-scratch capability of epoxy floor by adopting new water-based polyurethane floor technology, ensuring the integrity and aesthetics of the engine floor and extend the maintenance cycle of the floor. The water-based polyurethane floor paint has the advantages of excellent wear resistance, strong scratch resistance and good anti-skid performance, which further improves the safety level of the working environment of the maintenance warehouse. The product has fast curing speed and high construction efficiency, which reduces the construction time and ensures the normal use of the maintenance library. No solvent, low odor, low VOC emissions during the entire construction process, enabling a more environmentally friendly coating.

The environmentally-friendly polyurethane floor solution is provided by Qingdao Ocean New Material Technology Co., Ltd. with excellent performance, high construction efficiency, excellent appearance and long life cycle. This technological innovation not only supports the construction of the “Belt and Road” related projects, but also solves the technical problems of the stress cracking of the epoxy floor of the EMU, and also leads the application innovation of the whole project. The Qingdao EMU of the Jinan Railway Bureau gave it a high rating in the user report.

This Haimet environmentally-friendly floor product adopts Covestro water-based polyurethane technology, which can make the end users including railway enterprises more convenient for large-scale construction and renovation, achieving waterproof, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant "two defenses" Resistant to engineering.

Waterborne polyurethane flooring technology combines excellent environmental performance, outstanding mechanical properties and aesthetic decorative effects. Waterborne polyurethane technology has low VOC, low odor and high environmental protection during construction. The curing speed of the paint film is fast, which can minimize the construction time and curing time, simplify the construction procedure and improve the construction efficiency. It is also extremely resistant to mechanical stress, dynamic stress, chemicals and water. It can be used not only in the industrial flooring field where wear resistance, heavy pressure resistance, impact resistance, anti-static and anti-corrosion are required, but also in exhibition halls. , shopping malls, hospitals, families and other fields.

Liu Peili, general manager of Haimet, said: "There are many problems in the epoxy resin system, such as cracking, discoloration, wear and tearing. The waterborne polyurethane technology provided by Covestro has comprehensive performance and helps us to gain customer recognition. We hope to cooperate with Covestro. Create joint cooperation, adhere to innovation and sustainable development strategies, overcome technical problems, and provide customers with comprehensive economic and environmental solutions."

                                     By Lily