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The market of architectural coatings will develop towards high-end

2020.07.15   09:55

Architectural coating is a kind of material which can be well bonded with the base material and form a complete and tough protective film. Since the architectural coating can not only protect the outer wall of the building, extend its service life, but also make the appearance of the building beautiful and tidy, so as to beautify the urban environment and give people fresh space, it has been favored by the construction industry since it was introduced into China.

From the perspective of the competition pattern in the construction coating industry, three of the top five brands in 2019 are domestic brands, and the top five preferred rate is rising to 58% in 2019. On the demand side, although the sales heat of China's real estate has declined in recent years, the demand for building coatings is still growing due to the acceleration of urbanization and the transformation of old houses. In 2020, the demand for building coatings in China will reach about 7.3 million tons, and it is expected that in 2024, the demand for building coatings in China will exceed 8.5 million tons.

In terms of production, China's construction coating industry is "stronger in the South and weaker in the north". Enterprises in Guangdong are developing rapidly, with good brand effect and relatively high market share, which are mainly supplied for civil decoration demand. However, in the north, due to backward technology and slow industrial development, the market share is relatively low at present.

The national standard of building green energy conservation and environmental protection is constantly improved, which also limits the expansion of building coating production in China. In recent years, the relevant departments of the state have studied and put forward a list of double high (high pollution, high environmental risk) products. It is suggested that the relevant departments of the state should formulate targeted economic and regulatory policies to curb the production, use and export of high pollution, high environmental risk products. Therefore, relevant experts said that under the background of the decrease of labor supply and the increasing pressure of resources and environment due to the change of population structure, the construction coating industry should focus more on the elimination of backward production capacity, energy conservation and emission reduction, and the development of environment-friendly, high-end and high-function products, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, and accelerate the promotion of enterprise innovation strategy from technology introduction to emphasis Depending on the transformation of independent research and development, through independent innovation, cultivate their own core capabilities, and improve the profitability of enterprises.

2020, novel coronavirus pneumonia was hit hard by the start of the new year, and the economy of all sectors of the country was in a standstill. Now that it has basically resumed work, the consumption growth momentum of consumers is insufficient, and the industries are relatively depressed. According to the current domestic situation, the consumption of the construction coating industry in the first half of 2020 dropped significantly year on year. For the construction coating industry, this epidemic is a brand shuffling period. In the future, the concentration of the construction coating market will continue to improve, and it will develop towards brand in the future.

In the context of this epidemic, many small enterprises have been eliminated. In the future, the industry will develop towards brand and diversification, and coatings with high antibacterial, safety and health are more popular. From the long-term demand side, the growth rate of China's real estate industry slows down, and the demand for building coatings decreases. However, due to the acceleration of urbanization and the transformation of old houses, the demand for building coatings market will still maintain a stable growth in the future.

                                                                                                                                                 By Shen siqi

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