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Pakistan's cotton output is not expected to reach its expectations

2018.03.29   09:25

     According to the Pakistan cotton crop assessment committee (CCAC) the latest forecast 2017/18 annual Pakistan cotton production is expected to 9 million 200 thousand, but generally believed that according to the current situation of the new cotton market projections, the final yield should not reach this level. CCAC will revise production forecast in early 2018.

According to the prediction of CCAC, cotton prices and production subsidies increased in Pakistan in 2017, which led to a rise in cotton planting. The yield per unit area was expected to be slightly higher than that in 2016. It is reported that in 2017 the Pakistan farmers get $625 million of fertilizer subsidies, and tube wells, the price cut interest rates, and reduce the sales tax, domestic cotton prices, improve the management efficiency of cotton field. At present, the domestic cotton prices in Pakistan rose 40 cents / pound, 3 cents.

According to the Pakistan cotton ginners Association statistics, as of November 15th, Pakistan new cotton market volume totaled 6 million 700 thousand, an increase of 7%, the final listing volume is expected in 9 million 200 thousand.

According to the statistics of Pakistan customs, 2 million 400 thousand cotton bags were imported from Pakistan in 2016/17. From June 2017, the import of India cotton was suspended according to health and epidemic prevention, and the import of American cotton increased. With the cotton sales smoothly, the government of India cotton import license has been restored, but need to submit a license strict hygiene and epidemic prevention.


                                     By Emily

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