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Analysis on the output of Chinese printing and dyeing cloth and the internal and external requirements of textile and clothing in 2017

2018.03.29   09:29

1, textile and clothing market sales appear on the inflection point good dye demand

In 2017, the textile and garment market swept down the declining trend in recent years, the bottom of the market has recovered, and it has been significantly warmer. 17 months ago, 8 months ago, the main income of textile and garment enterprises ended 3 consecutive years of decline, an increase of 6.9% compared with the same period last year, and the profit growth of the main business hit a new high of 10.7% in 2012. The inflection point of the textile industry is the fundamental reason for the increase of the demand for the dye. Dye production growth and cloth production growth picked up.

The improvement of the textile and garment market should be the main driving force, with the improvement of the export situation. No matter the second child, the factor of upgrading the consumption, or the upgrading of the foreign demand, the industrial upgrading factors are all good.

In February of 17, the growth of China's clothing retail sales reached the bottom of the stage of 5.2%, and then gradually went up. The second child policy and the consumption upgrade are the main reasons for the increase of domestic demand. The main performance is the rapid growth of baby children's wear, high and middle men's wear and women's wear.

In the second quarter of 17 years, the export delivery value of textile and clothing has been growing for the first time in the first two years. With the upgrading of China's textile industry, exports have already had new competitive advantages. The impact of production cost reduction has been greatly reduced in the early stage due to the increase of labor costs, so even in the unfavorable environment of RMB appreciation, China's exports have achieved positive growth. In the later period, the export environment will be more favorable with the decrease of the expected value of RMB appreciation.

2. The production and marketing of the printing and dyeing industry is a direct driving force

The output of printing and dyeing cloth reached 4.7% in 16 years, for the first time in 5 years. In the first half of the 17 year, the growth rate of printing and dyeing cloth continued to expand to 6.5%.

Printing and dyeing enterprises show the ideal situation of far exceeding expected production and marketing, and the prosperity is greatly promoted, which directly stimulates the demand of dye.


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