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2018.03.29   09:47


Recently, a by exxon mobil, shell, total and eni, BP, Norwegian oil, repsol and oil and gas, a subsidiary of the German chemical giant basf group Wintershall group of voice, to the effects of climate change, in order to further reduce the gas containing methane emissions will hand in hand, and urged other oil and gas companies joined the act.

The world oil news network reported that the eight oil companies agreed and signed a "guiding principle" document that would jointly reduce methane emissions from the gas projects under its operations.They also called for other participants in the gas value chain to be involved in everything from exploration producers to marketers.

Eight oil companies in a joint statement said: "in view of the main components of the gas methane is a greenhouse gas that nots allow to ignore, we should be in the transition to a low-carbon future reducing methane emissions by as much as possible, in an effort to reduce its negative effects on the climate."

In fact, the United States was released in August 2015 to methane emission regulations, demanded that the United States oil and gas companies over the next 10 years in oil and gas development and production activities to reduce methane emissions to 40% to 45%.But as Mr Obama steps down and Mr Trump, the fossil fuel "defender", comes to power, us regulation of greenhouse gas emissions is much weaker.

Commitment to the oil and gas companies, reduce the emissions of methane, is a molecule as the global energy industry's efforts in the climate change crisis, and it is also to ensure that the gas when meet growing energy demand will continue to play a key role.

According to this "guiding principle", eight oil companies will move from five areas to reduce methane emissions.Strengthening performance on the gas value chain;Improving the accuracy of methane emission data;To advocate for the establishment of comprehensive methane emission policies and regulations;Increase business transparency.

Reported that eight oil companies will establish a set of systematic monitoring mechanism, the main of the extent of methane emissions monitoring the existing gas assets and methane emissions into management standards, improve combustion efficiency at the same time, will also implement the leak detection and repair, high priority potential emission source, intended to put more effort on the assets higher emissions.

Eight oil companies promise to provide financial support for development and deployment of monitoring and the innovation of the methane emissions reduction technology, the future will also be strict supervision of new project engineering, design and construction work, to the greatest degree to reduce methane emissions.

8 oil news pointed out that the voice of the oil companies to achieve the "guiding principles" file, is the environmental protection association (EnvironmentalDefenseFund), the international energy agency (IEA), the international gas union (IGU), the UN environment programme, as well as several oil and gas institutions develop together.

Reducing methane emissions is critical to achieving global climate goals and ensuring sustainable gas development, the IEA said.The world meteorological organization, said in a report in early November 2016, earth's atmospheric co2 concentration has risen to 800000, to the highest level, high methane content and innovation, is 257% of the level before the industrial revolution.

"It is very important that eight oil companies have agreed to reduce their methane emission commitments," said Tim gould, head of energy supply outlook at the IEA. "we look forward to seeing the results of implementation and broader applications."In fact, the implementation of cost-effective methane emission reduction measures on a global scale is good for the long-term climate change challenge.

Analysis pointed out that methane is a potent greenhouse gas, its potential of warming is carbon dioxide 28 times, need to the global warming since the industrial revolution 20% responsible, although the swamps and wetlands and other natural resources also can produce methane, but every year 60% methane in the atmosphere from human activities, especially in the oil and gas production activities.

MarkRadka, head of energy, climate and technology at the United Nations environment programme, said: "the" guiding principle "of eight oil companies provides a good framework for the whole gas value chain.Numerous studies have shown that rapid reductions in methane emissions can play a key role in meeting the growing energy needs and achieving multiple environmental goals.


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