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Whether the market of titanium dioxide can be pushed up smoothly

2018.07.20   09:08

"At present, titanium dioxide enterprises inventory is not sufficient, coupled with the further tightening of environmental supervision to restrict supply, and exports to a good trend, the late titanium dioxide market prices have raised expectations." However, the current demand is limited downstream, titanium dioxide is expected to increase the price of space is limited. "CBC Titanium zirconium analyst Shi Min and other industry personage analysis thinks.

In the recent development of environmental inspectors, titanium dioxide is the first. "Sulfuric acid method is the mainstream production process of titanium dioxide in China, accounting for more than 90% of domestic total capacity." In the sulfuric Acid method titanium dioxide production process, each production 1 tons of titanium dioxide will produce 8~10 ton of concentrated waste acid (including washing water), 60 tons of waste dilute acid (including washing water), if the treatment is not good, will harm the ecological environment, so titanium dioxide become the focus of environmental inspectors. "Sino-Woo information titanium dioxide analyst Ma Haiying said.

It is understood that the recent environmental Protection Department of Hebei Province Circular, from June to December, in the province to jointly carry out acid-related enterprises to clean up the "Thunder 2018" special operations, focusing on the fight against illegal emissions, dumping, disposal of waste acid and other hazardous wastes and heavy metal waste and other environmental crimes, this or will eliminate some of the backward production of titanium dioxide. In the production of Guangxi province, the production of titanium dioxide is also due to the strict environmental supervision and reduce, such as June annual output of 70,000 tons of Blue Star Dahua Chemical Co., Ltd. 50% reduction in titanium dioxide production.

"Because of limited supply, the Dragon Python, the Chinese nuclear titanium dioxide and other enterprises began to announce last week." As of the weekend, only one agent can take the goods from the manufacturer. Enterprise sealed list is bound to cause domestic titanium dioxide supply tightening, price rise. "Shi Min said.

In addition, the recent export of titanium dioxide enterprises to the good, but also to the market to form lifts. data show that 1 ~ April, China's cumulative export of titanium dioxide 326,900 tons, an increase of 33.37% compared with last year. "At present, the domestic Dragon Python and other large enterprises such as export and orders are better." The stock pressure is small, the product price is high, generally at 18,000 yuan. "Shi Min said.


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