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Clariant accelerate investment in China additive project

2018.07.20   09:10

June 21st, Clariant and Beijing Tiangang Auxiliaries Co., Ltd. jointly held a foundation ceremony in Cangzhou, Hebei, to build world-class plastic and textile stabilizer production facilities. This will be the core facility of the joint ventures between the two sides.

Clariant and Tiangang established joint ventures in September 2017 to integrate the technical and production expertise of two companies to provide quality processing aids and light stabilizers for China's automotive and textile industries.

Liu Yan, deputy general manager of Tiangang Company, said: "The new facility will be able to respond more quickly to the growing demand for high-end additive solutions in Asia in the first half of 2019." Cangzhou Lingang National Economic and technological Development zone is an ideal additive production base, can easily obtain the necessary raw materials and other support. ”

In Cangzhou Project launched the day before, Clariant in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu base of two new sets of wholly-owned additive production facilities officially put into operation, marking last year announced the millions of Swiss franc investment project has been completed. The new facility will be dedicated to the production of micro-powder wax and additive additives in the plastics, coatings and inks industries.

                                     By Lily

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