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2018.09.07   14:33

A month and a half ago, the Dongguan municipal air affairs office issued the "circular on the implementation of the special campaign to clean up enterprises in" scattered pollution ", the city will launch a special campaign to clean up enterprises in "scattered pollution", 5,000 "scattered pollution" enterprises will be eliminated by the end of this year!

According to the data released by the Dongguan environmental protection bureau, by June 20, the city had completed the elimination and renovation of 2,595 "decontamination and decontamination" enterprises, of which 2,026 had been shut down and 569 had been renovated.

The shutdown lasted more than a month, a sign of the government's determination to act aggressively. More than 2, 000 have been dealt with so far, thousands more from the elimination target.

Each town street has assigned a specific task of elimination and remediation (the total remediation task of each town street is 6450), and the progress of closing down each town street in real time is followed up. All towns and streets dare not relax, which is an iron task.

If the production or business suspension is not carried out as required, the relevant departments shall take measures such as water cut-off, power cut off, raw materials cleaning, equipment cleaning and products cleaning, and ban them in accordance with laws and regulations.

Which belong to "messy" enterprises

"Messy" enterprise "refers to is not in conformity with the industrial policy, industrial layout planning, security, fire hazard and pollutant emission is not up to standard, as well as industry and commerce, environmental protection, taxation, land, planning, quality control, safety, fire control, electric power and other formalities of enterprises (especially exists in human settlement of enterprises, industrial park and industrial small workshops).

Mainly including but not limited to: smelting non-ferrous metal processing, production of rubber, leather, chemical industry, ceramic firing, casting, silk screen processing, steel rolling, refractory materials, carbon production, lime kiln, brick kiln, the cement grinding station, waste plastics processing, small oil refinery, glass manufacturing, textile printing and dyeing, synthetic fiber manufacturing, printing, surface coating, furniture, shoes, automobile, food and beverage, food processing, stone processing, recycling, processing, man-made board manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, pickling, phosphating and other small manufacturing processing enterprises; involving the use of paint, paint, ink, adhesives, organic solvents and other small enterprises or processing points.

"Decontamination" enterprise coverage is very wide!

Is this the case with your business?

Why did Dongguan crack down on polluting enterprises this year?

Since last year, the air quality situation in Dongguan has been severe, and the number of days with good air quality has dropped sharply. On the morning of April 18, the municipal party committee and the municipal government of Dongguan held the blue sky defense mobilization meeting of the whole city. The action plan of the blue sky defense campaign of Dongguan issued by the meeting passed 32 specific action tasks from seven aspects and strongly pushed forward to win the blue sky defense war with an iron fist.

The clean-up of 5, 000 scattered enterprises is only a small part of the blue sky campaign. Include eliminating high pollution emissions of industries and enterprises, gradually reduce the coal consumption, promote the self-provided power plant of coal-fired power plants and coal to gas, such as eliminating transformation coal-fired boiler combustion facilities, eliminating the biomass boiler combustion facilities such as, the pollution during the implementation of pollution enterprises under peak production, eliminating the and diesel vehicles, eliminate backward production capacity VOCs enterprises, strengthen the illegal building demolition dust control...And so on.

                              By Feifei