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2018.09.07   14:27

During 2012-2015, the development mode in addition to lever up and stimulus policies to promote industry has had a "excess capacity", China's producer prices after turned negative in 2012, has experienced for four years under 0 in the face of the state, industrial enterprise profit growth in a downward cycle for four years, according to the statistics, the end of 2015 the industry profits have appeared a negative growth, growth rate of 2.3%).China's titanium white powder industry cannot be "only good" in this environment. In 2015, the whole industry was basically losing money and making a leading profit, but at the same time, the whole industry also went through a destocking cycle, which lasted until the beginning of 2016.

Supply side pointed out the development of various industries, to reform in the past two years, the industry transition product upgrade, the topic is "normal", in the strict reversed transmission of environmental protection, the titanium dioxide industry in China is not only to promote the upgrading of product structure and technology, at the same time, pay attention to energy conservation and emissions reduction and environmental protection of ascension become more common, clean production, environmental protection, sustainable development, is explicitly put forward by the national "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning tasks.

The application range of titanium dioxide powder is very wide, but the development and growth of Chinese titanium dioxide enterprises are still restricted by many factors. Chain enterprise in our country from the current situation, to realize the transformation and upgrading, product structure and technology upgrade, must strengthen the prevention and control of pollution, strengthen the industry dominated by sulfuric acid method process of waste acid water recycling, go the way of the sustainable development of circular economy, 2 it is to make breakthrough in key technologies of chlorination process from the industrial structure adjustment.

Transformation and upgrading is the inevitable road, is the environment forced! Welcome is our country titanium white powder industry is working hard, for example: Ningbo Xinfu "the sulphuric acid method titanium white powder waste acid water comprehensive management water-saving and emission reduction" device is about to operate, after the normal operation can achieve the following technical indicators: the acid wastewater emission reduction rate reaches 89%;The recycling rate of water reaches 85%.The recycling rate of extraneous sulfuric acid reaches 90%.The amount of acid, alkali and lime was reduced by 90%.The production of titanium gypsum slag decreased by 90%.

It has achieved the goal of saving energy, reducing emissions and recycling economy.

Another example: led by the titanium white powder association, the "comprehensive utilization of industrial by-product gypsum" technology independently developed and designed by Nanjing Yifu science and technology co., ltd. has successively communicated with Pan Zhihua government (vanadium titanium park), Pan Zhihua Oriental titanium industry, Yunnan Donghao and other titanium white powder enterprises, which are expected to be implemented in the near future.

Industry product upgrade is also in full swing, a few days ago, just passed the appraisal of the Dragon Bai group independent research and development of "ink dedicated titanium white powder"; developed by Fanhua, Jiangsu province "lithium titanate battery material" production. The production scale of chlorination was gradually expanded, including Longmang Baili (002601), Yibin Tianyuan, Xiantao electron of Hubei province during the 13th five-year plan period, the ratio of the production of titanium white powder by chlorination and that of titanium white powder by sulfuric acid will gradually reach 20% of the industry's 13th five-year plan.

The transformation and upgrading of titanium dioxide industry in China is imperative. The trend is to seize the opportunity.


                                        By Feifei

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