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Domestic control of the "epidemic" after the resumption of international prices of titanium dioxide market optimistic

2020.03.26   15:01

Comu and tenor announced the price rise of titanium dioxide from April 1, the price rise of the international market will undoubtedly affect the domestic market, although, in recent years, China's imports of titanium dioxide decreased year by year, the import volume of 167,600 tons in 2019, down 41,600 t, a reduction of 20.00%.However, it is inevitable that the domestic market will be indirectly affected by the fluctuations of the international market.In the international market price rises, foreign countries are affected by the "epidemic" situation, the recent export will be affected by it, for a rainy day, take necessary measures to expand the foreign market is not necessarily the "time".

With the control of the domestic epidemic, the downstream demand is gradually recovering. The coating industry is the industry with the largest amount of pigment grade titanium dioxide.Printing ink industry and production work is basically reached about 80%, according to the turnover in the increasing market demand, the early affected by outbreaks in logistics, later period, the national comprehensive resume work logistics will show "busy", recently, the downstream demand gradually lift and international giant increases, the effect of high prices, coupled with raw materials of titanium concentrate domestic titanium dioxide or mainstream market stabilises rose slightly.

                                                                                                                                                        By yangyang

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