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Experts advocate the industry to strengthen the whole process of hazardous waste management

2020.03.26   15:07

Since the "3 • 21" accident in xiangshui, safety accidents caused by hazardous wastes still occur.How to control hazardous waste from the source?How to control the risk of piling up hazardous waste?What low-cost, effective disposal technologies are available?

There are still many problems in the disposal and utilization of hazardous waste in China due to its large quantity, wide source and complex composition.Firstly, the operation rate of hazardous waste management units is not high. In 2017, the approved utilization and disposal capacity of hazardous waste management units nationwide reached 81.78 million tons, but the actual collection, utilization and disposal volume was only 22.52 million tons.Secondly, the utilization of hazardous waste is concentrated on hazardous waste with high added value such as metal waste, waste organic solvent and mineral oil, while the utilization rate of low-value hazardous waste such as waste salt and waste acid is low.The third is the structural imbalance, the eastern region of incineration and landfill capacity;Finally, the key core technology equipment is still lacking, the disposal technology homogeneity is serious.

With the revision of the solid waste law, the launch of the construction of "waste-free city" and the introduction of a series of hazardous waste policies and standards, the fine management of hazardous waste will become a trend.At present, the whole life cycle tracking management from generation, transportation to disposal of hazardous wastes has been realized in many places.In addition, the safety of intermediate materials should be taken seriously.In the project construction of hazardous waste disposal, the regional utilization of hazardous waste according to specific industries and types has a broad prospect.

A large proportion of safety accidents in China are related to hazardous waste. Hazardous waste, like food, also has a shelf life. It cannot be considered that the waste is safe when it is produced, so it is always safe.The "3•21" accident is a typical example.

The essence of hazardous waste treatment is reduction, especially at source.The production volume, treatment cost and safety of hazardous waste should be fully considered in the process selection.In the process of production, the by-products and impurities should be strictly managed according to the safety requirements of the process.In the stage of hazardous waste storage, the storage conditions should be strictly controlled according to the physical and chemical properties and dangerous characteristics, and the reasonable transfer and disposal.The whole life cycle management of hazardous waste can be realized only when the quantity reduction is coordinated with the safe storage and safe disposal.

As for the management of hazardous wastes in the park, the first is to strictly control the source of the projects entering the park and ensure the entry of the projects.The second is to employ industry experts and third-party professional institutions to comprehensively investigate and solve the solid waste environmental hazards.Third, the unit with large production of hazardous waste signed the "daily cleaning" treatment agreement with the hazardous waste disposal center in the park to reduce the storage risk.Always take the management and control of hazardous waste and disposal as the top priority.At the beginning of each project construction, strictly control the design and classification of hazardous waste storage;Organize and hold a special meeting on hazardous waste transfer and disposal every week to ensure that storage is not delayed;We will establish a special contingency plan mechanism and regularly organize emergency drills, and establish a long-term management and control mechanism for hazardous wastes.

                                                                                                                                               By yangyang

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